Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics

Commission Members

The Commission consists of twelve members who reside in the state of Wyoming: two district court judges and one circuit court judge elected by their respective group; three members of the Wyoming State Bar appointed by its governing body; and, six electors of the state who are not active or retired judges or attorneys. The six electors are appointed by the Wyoming governor with confirmation by the Wyoming senate. Terms are set for three years in staggered manner. 

Citizen Members

Nicholas A. Bellack, Cheyenne

Harmon H.  Davis, II, Cheyenne

Margaret Farley, Glenrock

Jo Forbes, Dayton

Ryan McConnaughey, Casper

Keren Meister-Emerich, Cheyenne

Attorney Members

Stephen H. Kline, Cheyenne

Katherine A. Strike, Lander

G. Bryan Ulmer, III, Jackson 

Judge Members

Hon. Daniel L. Forgey, Casper

Hon. F. Scott Peasley, Douglas

Hon. Paul S. Phillips, Gillette